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What is Natural Conception Lubrication?

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All of sexual arousal initiates in the brain.

Dr. Arcos states:
"In women, the cycle of sexual response begins in the brain, where a memory, an image, a scent, music or fantasy acts as a trigger to prompt sexual arousal."

This initiation of a woman's sexual arousal in the brain causes a chain reaction by the stimulation of nerves from the brain through the spinal cord, leading to direct stimulation of the pelvic nerves that innervate the vagina and clitoris. The initial stimulation of the pelvic nerves causes an enlargement of the blood vessels that supply the vagina and clitoris. Genital stimulation creates the sensation of pleasure in the brain, which then acts to increase electrical action of the pelvic nerves to increase vaginal and clitoral blood vessel changes. A woman's sexual arousal is not like the ON/OFF switch of a light, but rather like a car rolling down a steep hill. Just like how a car rolling down a hill builds up speed with time, a woman's sexual arousal builds in intensity over a period of time.

The progressively increasing stimulation of the pelvic nerves causes these very specialized nerves to release small pockets of vaso-active intestinal polypeptides (VIP - first described from the intestines). These vaso-active peptides (proteins) cause the blood vessels that surround the vagina to dilate (causing more blood flow).

Both the small arteries (arterioles), that supply fresh blood to the tissue as well as the small veins (venules), that drain blood from the tissue become dilated. What results is an increased amount of blood arriving at the tissue, while at the same time even less blood being allowed to drain away. The net effect that occurs is a tissue engorged or saturated with blood. This is called vaso-congestion, and it is the basis of all sexual arousal both in the vagina and in the clitoris.

With vaso-congestion the vessels that surround the vagina become permeable (porous) and allow the fluid component of blood to saturate the vaginal mucosa in-between the cells. This fluid component of blood accumulates in the lumen of the vagina and provides the lubrication. Vaginal lubrication is the initial vaso-congestive response of a woman's sexual arousal. The vaginal lubrication is medically referred to as a transudate because it transverses across the vaginal mucosa into the vagina.