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ToConceive For Male Subfertility

Male Subfertility20-40% of all Infertility is the result of Male Subfertility. Male Subfertility is very rarely due to the complete absence of sperm production, but rather inadequate sperm production, that mostly yields immature and abnormal sperm, that are incapable of fertilizing an ovum.

Normal Sperm and Abnormal SpermThe majority of Male Subfertility is due to the increased temperature of the testes during the three plus months of sperm production and maturation, caused by a varicocele. The US CDC reports that the majority of Male Subfertility is due to a varicocele.

VaricoceleSurgical correction of the varicocele is recommended if conception does not occur normally in two years, and an additional one year of Assisted Reproductive Technology with laboratory sperm preparation that yields only concentrated normal mature, capacitated sperm.

Laboratory prepared concentrated, capacitated normal mobile sperm are used with Assisted Reproduction Technologies of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to treat Male Subfertility. ToConceive and Natural Conception Lubrication selects normal mobile capacitated sperm for ovum fertilization. ToConceive and Natural Conception Lubrication compensates for Male Subfertility.

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