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Freqently Asked Questions

How is ToConceive different from a drugstore lubricant or PreSeed?

First, ToConceive is not placed in the vagina but rather is applied on the outside of a woman's genitalia and stimulates a natural self-produced arousal vaginal lubrication in the woman. This Natural Conception Lubrication naturally balances the pH of the vagina to support sperm survival. It also transforms the sperm to give the sperm the ability, or capacity, to fertilize the ovum for conception, a process called sperm capacitation. Visit our Sperm Capacitation page to learn more about the process. Secondly, none of the intravaginal lubricants balance the pH of the vagina to support sperm or capacitate the sperm to stimulate ovum fertilization and conception. Most intravaginal lubricants, except PreSeed, actually kill sperm.

How is ToConceive used, and how is this different from intravaginal lubricants?

ToConceive is a daily use product. ToConceive is applied to the clitoris and genital region, and rubbed in daily after a shower or bath and also before and with intercourse. The daily use is necessary to increase the stimulated Natural Conception Lubrication for use with intercourse. Intravaginal lubricants are only used with intercourse.

What else can I do while using ToConceive to increase my chances of conceiving?

The use of ovulation prediction devices will insure that intercourse timing is optimal for conception. Additionally, the use of SpermCheck-Fertility will insure that your husband's sperm count is adequate.

How long will it take me to conceive while using the ToConceive and ovulation detection devices?

That depends on your age, the number of chromosomally normal ova that you have, and your luck! If you are 30, and have about 50% chromosomally normal ova, you should get pregnant, on average, within two months of using ToConceive. But for every woman aged 30 who conceives in the first month, another 30-year-old woman will not get pregnant until the fifth month. This is the luck and these are the odds. More information can be found on our page, How Long Will it Take Me to Conceive?

How does ToConceive help those with PCOS conceive?

ToConceive will not help you ovulate. ToConceive can assure you that you have the optimum chances of conceiving when you do ovulate, by assuring that the sperm are capacitated with the Natural Conception Lubrication. Ovulation induction can be accomplished by clomid, metformin, cycloset, and HMGs, all which can be prescribed by your physician.

How does ToConceive help with Unexplained Infertility?

Inadequate sexual arousal and inadequate normal vaginal lubrication are probably one of the main causes of Unexplained Infertility. Women with unexplained infertility typically lack proper sperm support and adequate sperm capacitation necessary for ovum fertilization. ToConceive also compensates for undiagnosed Male Subfertility, another common cause of unexplained infertility.

What makes ToConceive all-natural?

Two aspects -composition and mechanism of action- make ToConceive all-natural. First, ToConceive is FDA-approved and uses only pharmaceutical grade ingredients including menthol, derived from natural plants, and l-arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid, also derived from plants. The mechanism of action of ToConceive is also all-natural because ToConceive stimulates your body to produce your own normal sexual arousal Natural Conception Lubrication. ToConceive's all-natural ingredients include aqua, propylene glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, L-arginine, citric acid, menthol and methylparaben.

Where can I purchase ToConceive?

Eventually, ToConceive will be available in retail pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, and Krogers, alongside ovulation detection devices and pregnancy tests. Until that time, ToConceive can be purchased on the website in one and three bottle supplies.

How often should I use ToConceive?

Gently apply the gel to the clitoris and vaginal area after a bath or shower daily, as well as generously before intercourse. Refer to ToConceive's Directions for Use for more information.