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30 Years of Infertility Experience

"For over 30 years, I have attempted to help women achieve conception, pregnancy, and motherhood. This started with the development of the Laparoscopic Gamate IntraFallopian Transfer (GIFT) procedure, and is now completed with the development of ToConceive, for In Vivo (inside the body) Spermatazoa Capatitation."

"ToConceive has already helped hundreds of women achieve conception, and now has the opportunity to help thousands of women worldwide, to achieve conception, pregnancy, and motherhood."
Ron Thompson MD

30 Years of infertility experience.

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Published Patent Application 20070060653

"Physiologic vaginal lubrication to optimize sperm survival and function"

Dr Thompson's Fertility Patents:
6,673,008 "Fallopian tube and method of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer"
6,461,302 "Device for retrieval of ovum"
6,010,448 "Embryo transfer arrangement"
6,004,260 "Intrauterine delivery arrangement"
5,961,444 "In vitro fertilization procedure using direct vision"